As a graphic designer, my ambition is to offer a sustainable approach that goes much further than simply printing on recycled paper...

Designers can play an important role in thier clients' success: graphic design impacts on the clients' image, sales levels, credibility, and much more.

What we designers do - and therefore, how we do it - matters.

I believe that our responsibility doesn't stop there.

Graphic design impacts how we access information, can influence elections results, play an important part in our daily comfort, and lifestyle.

Design decisions shape the processes behind the products we use, the materials and energy required to make them, the ways we operate them and what happens to them when we no longer need them.

Graphic design can change the way we look at things, and have great influence on the human experience.

As a graphic design professional, I encourage responsible graphic design in all fields, and not only in the ecological sectors.

Because every project will bring us one step closer to a sustainable world of thoughtfully created things.

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