Everything arrived just fine and we would like to thank you.
We are very happy with the result, your work is wonderful.
Constance Dumas, 
Dumas SA,
(extract of e-mail dated february 19, 2010)

It's brilliant !  The ideas, the concept, (...) and the use of illustration, it's simply brilliant ! (...) Thank you for your work.  I hope we will have other opportunities to work together.
Pascaline S.
Agency A
(extract of e-mail dated february 5, 2010)

Testimonials :

In 2006, our public-communications agency was searching for a "rare gem": a hugely creative freelance art director who would also be a good listener - two essential attributes for our public sector work.
And then we found her!

She is highly meticulous and she never takes the easy way out: the exploratory phase is always rich and innovative, the proposed artwork is carefully thought out and reasoned, and the projects are finalised within the rules of the art.

With satisfied clients, competitions won, and a very likable working partner, who could ask for more?

Marc Dubreuil
IDCommunes, Associate director

Daniela is a true, smart, sharp, clever artist, experienced in many media: I have relied upon her creativity many times for picture book illustration, computer-generated animation, branding and packaging design.

Ms. Bak is one of my top choices worldwide for a wide range of effective, precise, unique and fun challenges.
She always "delivers" as they say, and is a pleasure to work with.

Ari Frankel
Child Matters, President

Daniela has designed three websites (and related material, e.g. logos, ads) for me. I receive many compliments on the beauty of the designs, often from artists/designers and others professionals (e.g. magazine advertising managers and editors).

Daniela is a true artist who is extremely creative without ever losing sight of practical considerations. She is visually imaginative and daring, taking you to places that you wouldn't have considered before and getting you to fall in love with them. She has a deep understanding and feel for colour, form and balance.

She is always original, never clichéd. She takes visual conventions and revitalises them so that your concept stands out from the rest of the field yet remains identifiable. Her reinvention of the rainbow motif, a very widely used LGBT symbol, deeply impressed my then editor at Diva magazine for being original and imaginative, yet easily recognisable.

Ronete Cohen
Psycologist and writer

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