What's in 2030 ?

Magazine covers for the future

LAAM logo

Logo for LAAM, an association for music and arts.

Milgrom 2015

Happy New Year greeting card for M2R (Milgrom Market Research)


Cover of the brochure for the Trackmeme Project

Way of Life Icons

APT training

Raillenium Icons

It's all about improving trains, materials and infrastructures. Icons designed for Raillenium as part of exhibit boards for fairs.

Edim's 30th celebration

A musical patchwork celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Edim music school, to be used on posters, brochures, T-shirts and mugs.

Inedi Website

A one page parallax website design for Inedi.

Cards for Orange

10 cards created for Orange to be used as memos with texts and graphics on the back of the cards.

Video Signature

Animated signature for the videos by Naama Regev, psychotherapist for couples and families (Israel)

Happy New Year Card

Happy New Year animated card for Milgrom Market Research (M2R).

Logo Inedi

inedi is a market research company.

The Inedi logo was designed to look like a geometric pattern, a mark intended for scanning. It plays "hide and seek" with the viewer. It is almost illegible, yet, if looked at with attention, can be read, thus corresponding to the company's activity.

In french, inedi means 'never seen before' (when spelled with a 't' at the end...).

English For Business

Illustrations defining the words : "Where ?", "Deadline", "Target", "Chart". A selection from large series made for an english learning program.


Logo for a strategy consulting company.

Paris-Librarie Brand Identity

Logo designed for Paris-Librairies, a network of independent parisian bookstores fighting to survive next to the internet giant booksellers.

In order to announce the existence of the network, Paris-Librairies called the parisians to "unplug" on march 23, 2013. On that day, a press conference was held at the Paris Book Fair, publicly announcing the network's existence.

Design of Paris-Librairies' website. Parisians can order their book online and have it delivered to their closest neighborhood bookstore. The website's logo is a variation of the basic logo.

Invitation to the Press Conference at the Paris Book Fair. 

Brochure presenting the Paris-Librairies network and its actions.

T-shirts worn by the activists who distributed flyers in the whole Paris area, calling to "unplug" on March 23. 

Stickers idnetifying the bookstores which are members of the Paris-Librairies network.

Back of the brochure presenting the Paris-Librairies association. A symbolic layout of "the world's largest bookstore" has every Paris quarter representing a bookstore department - fiction, poetry, law, history, cookbooks, etc...

Facebook page banner for Paris-Librairies.

(Agency : Rampazzo & Associés)

"Unplug" posters for Paris-Libairies

Six posters for the launching of Paris-Librairies, the association of about 60 independent parisian bookstores, calling to "unplug" on march 23 from the internet booksellers who menace the existence of the neighborhood bookstores.  (Agency : Rampazzo & Associés)