Paris-Librarie Brand Identity

Logo designed for Paris-Librairies, a network of independent parisian bookstores fighting to survive next to the internet giant booksellers.

In order to announce the existence of the network, Paris-Librairies called the parisians to "unplug" on march 23, 2013. On that day, a press conference was held at the Paris Book Fair, publicly announcing the network's existence.

Design of Paris-Librairies' website. Parisians can order their book online and have it delivered to their closest neighborhood bookstore. The website's logo is a variation of the basic logo.

Invitation to the Press Conference at the Paris Book Fair. 

Brochure presenting the Paris-Librairies network and its actions.

T-shirts worn by the activists who distributed flyers in the whole Paris area, calling to "unplug" on March 23. 

Stickers idnetifying the bookstores which are members of the Paris-Librairies network.

Back of the brochure presenting the Paris-Librairies association. A symbolic layout of "the world's largest bookstore" has every Paris quarter representing a bookstore department - fiction, poetry, law, history, cookbooks, etc...

Facebook page banner for Paris-Librairies.

(Agency : Rampazzo & Associés)